Terms and Conditions for FoodZaps Subscription Plans

Premium Plan subscription cost?

Subscription is calculated based on the type of Premium Plan, Subscription Period and Number of the additional device (if any). Yearly subscription will be entitled to 10% off on yearly subscription for all Premium Plans. The additional device will be charged at USD $4 per device per month for Full Course/Gala/Carnival Plan and USD $5 per device per month for Entrée Plan.

Renewing my Premium Plan

Plan renewal refers to purchasing the same Premium Plan with the same number of devices. The only change will be the extension of your current subscription's Expiry Date before the current subscription reaches its Expiry Date. Without a Premium Plan subscription, you can still use FoodZaps and get its basic support, but you do not get features listed in Premium Plans and will not be eligible for options of connecting multiple devices.

When should I renew my Premium Plan?

Renewal of existing Premium Plan should be done before the Expiry Date of your existing plan. If your Premium Plan subscription expires in December and you buy renewal much earlier, for example in August, the newly purchased subscription period will be added onto your existing Expiry Date.

How do I upgrade my existing Premium Plan with more devices?

For immediate purchase of additional devices, upgrade your Plan by selecting the number of desired additional devices.

Alternatively, email us at sales@foodzaps.com with the following information: FoodZaps Account Subscription Email Address 
Control Station ID
Number of the additional devices to be added
You will receive an invoice with the total cost of this upgrade accordingly. 

What is considered a Plan Upgrade / Downgrade?


What happens when I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Your Plan will be automatically updated free-of-charge to reflect subscription modifications. Your account will be credited/debited accordingly.

When I upgrade my existing plan, can I start to use the upgrade plan immediately?

Yes, upon successful upgrade payment, the activation of your higher-level Premium Plan will take place immediately. The remaining days of your lower-level plan will be forfeited once your upgrade Premium Plan is activated. You are advised to change your plan when your existing Expiry Date draw nears.

When I downgrade my existing plan, do I have to forfeit the remaining days of my current plan?

No, you do not have to forfeit the remaining subscription period of your higher-level plan. The remaining days of your previous higher-level plan will be converted and added onto your lower-level plan subscription, which starts immediately upon successful downgrade. Your subscription period will be the remaining days of your higher-level plan plus the subscription period of the newly purchased lower level licensing.

Renewal Policy for Users on Older Price Plans (Startup/Expansion Plan)

FoodZaps friends, if you are still on our Old Price Plans (Startup / Expansion Plan), you will still be able to renew your license based on FoodZaps Old Price Plan before the Expiry Date of your existing subscription.

Once your Old Price Plan expired without payment, your subscription will no longer be available. 

How do I cancel my plan subscription?

1. Login to your Shopify account and click on manage subscription.


2. Cancel the plan that you no longer need without any cancellation fee.

FoodZaps Technology reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.